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Starts 2nd October


Based on Imam Athir al-Din al-Abhari’s Isagoje

The objective of this course is to give people, especially students of knowledge, a good foundational understanding of logic, its importance and its application in the academic sphere, whereby they are able to first think coherently prior to embarking on their journey towards critical thinking.

If mantiq has always bewildered you, this course will help you make sense of the important subject


Course Starts 2nd October 2021

Online via Zoom.us

Recordings will be available for this course

Course Fee

£79.00 for 8 Sessions

Course Starts on 2nd October!

Course Content

Week 1 – Introduction
  • Definition of logic (mantiq), its importance and main objective
  • Brief history of its founder, its transition and subsequent development in the Islamic world
  • Answering the objections surrounding its permissibility
  • Its relevance, link with other sciences and application in the 21st century
  • Brief introduction of the author and the text

Week 2 – Overview & Significations

  • The two main discussions covered in logic: ‘tasawwurat’ (conceptions) and ‘tasdiqat’ (judgments)
  • Introductory discussion of ‘tasawwurat’ – The Five Universals
  • Objective of ‘tasawwurat’ – Definiens 
  • Introductory discussion of ‘tasdiqat’ – Propositions and their Rulings 
  • Objective of ‘tasdiqat’ – Syllogism (Qiyas)
  • The need for signification (dalaalah) as a prerequisite to understand anything in logic 
  • The types of significations and which types are employed by the logicians 

Week 3 – The Five Universals

  • The objective of studying the five universals 
  • The 4 links between any two universals 
  • The five universals and their definitions: genus, specie, differentia, common accident and particular accident 

Week 4 – Definiens

  • The importance of constructing correct definitions using the five universals 
  • The method of according things their definitions which are both jami’ (comprehensive) and mani’ (preventative)

Week 5 – Propositions

  • The definition of a proposition and its role in a syllogism
  • Types of propositions – categorical and conditional

Week 6 – Rulings pertaining to propositions

  • Contradiction and conversation

Week 7 – Syllogism – the ne plus ultra objective of logic

  • The definition of syllogism, its types and various forms 
  • Deductive reasoning and its contrast to inductive reasoning
Week 8 – Final Session
  • The Five Skills (Sana’at khams)
  • Islamic Epistemology

Course Starts on 2nd October!


Shaykh Muhammad Yasir Al-Hanafi


8 Weeks

Course Start Date

2nd October 2021


Saturdays 2pm to 3.30pm British Standard Time


Online (Recordings of the live sessions are available for this course)

Course Fee


*Every effort has been made to ensure that the information contained within this course is correct at the time of publication. Courses are subject to on-going development which could necessitate cancellation of, or alteration to, the advertised courses.

Shaykh Muhammad Yasir Al-Hanafi

Studied at Dewsbury madrasah where he completed his hifz & aalimiyyah class from 2001-2011. He then did a BA (Hons) in Philosophy and Psychological studies. He also managed to complete his MA in philosophy at Warwick university. He is currently serving as an Imam at Masjid Toheed Ul Islam (Aylesbury) and the headteacher of maktab in the Mosque.

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Course Starts on 2nd October!