Maulana Usman Ali


An Alimiyyah graduate who taught Islamic Sciences at various institutes of learning. Concurrently, a Chartered Senior Specialist in Biomedical Sciences and Section Leader in Haematology with clinical laboratory and research roles, and a PhD candidate and Guest Lecturer at the University of Portsmouth.


A graduate from Darul Uloom London in 2005 and went on to teach Tafsir, Hadith and Fiqh (and Usul) to Alimiyyah students at Madrasah Al Zahra and Lantern of Knowledge, London. Subsequently completed a BSc (Hons) Biomedical Sciences and an MSc Haematology (Transfusion Science) at the University of Westminster, and was employed as a Components Development Scientist in a research laboratory at the National Blood Service in the UK.


Maulana Usman Ali holds a CSci award from the Science Council and professional memberships with the IBMS and BSH. Currently, registered with the HCPC as a Biomedical Scientist and works as a Senior Specialist and Section leader in Haematology at Homerton University Hospital. Also lectures biomedical students at the University of Portsmouth where he focuses on haematological solutions to intensive care medicine in collaboration with the NHS as part of his PhD research.


Other interests are: multiple explanations in Darwinian Evolution and the scientific debate over the Intelligent Design Theory, the Islamic concept of humanness between evolutionary and/or essentialist philosophy, possibilities of reclaiming and re-installing the scientific methodology in Muslim scholarship, Philosophy of Biology with a focus on biological evolution, and the hermeneutics of New Atheism and the interaction between scientific and religious discourse in the 21st Century.


Usman Ali is a YouTuber and has a channel dedicated to ‘Scientific & Philosophico-Theological Matters’: