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Do you provide financial support?

The Institute has payment plans to help students pay for their course fees. Students can set up a Direct Debit and pay the course fees over a period of three to six months.
The Institute also offers full coverage of course fees through zakat funds to students who are eligible and who can demonstrate a high aptitude and interest.

The course fees are too expensive for students like me, can you reduce the course fees?

Whitethread Institute is a higher education institute providing quality teaching and a valued service. We are unable to advance the teaching methods without the course fees. The institute works extremely hard to offer the students value for money when it comes to the courses by providing better online and out of class services.

If you require financial support, please click here

What is the Institute academic year?

The Institute follows the UK academic year which begins from mid-September and ends in July.

What are the annual holidays?

The Institute’s holidays are in line with the UK school holidays, which follows the seasonal holidays as well as reading weeks. The institute also has a holiday for the month of Ramadan.

How long after the Academic year, do students have access to course material?

Students generally have access to course materials until the end of August of the same academic year.

Which online platforms do you use to teach your courses?

For online classes, we currently use zoom.us and for access to course materials we use Google Classroom.

Are recordings available for onsite students too?

Recordings and course materials are available to all students on the course and are available through our online platform, Google Classroom.

Are your recordings in HD quality?

The Institutes’ online class recordings are in HD Quality.

Are there any examinations or assignments?

Most of the courses have an examination or assignment while some have both. The Institute provides graduation certificates for those who achieve a pass mark or higher for its main programs.

Are the courses accredited?

Currently there are no courses that are nationally or internationally accredited. The courses at the institute can be considered equal to a diploma.