Beyond the Six Books

Beyond the Six Books


Beyond the Six Books: A Course on Ulum al-Hadith


The course is designed for students of knowledge and graduates of the ‘Alimiyyah to further their understanding of the science of Hadith. The science of Hadith is amongst those subjects which does not feature heavily in the Dars- Nizami, but at the same time is one of the most important subjects. The Sunnah is almost completely known through Hadith, and the science of Hadith allows the scholar to know which Hadith are acceptable and which are not. This course will take a closer look at the efforts of the Hadith scholars of old and how the science developed. It will equip the student with knowledge of the main figures and the books to refer to when attempted to find or analyse a Hadith.


The course would require sufficient Arabic skills to understand the Arabic texts covered. The course is open to brothers and sisters and is offered online.


The subjects covered will be the following:

• A study of Mustalah of Hadith predominantly through the usage of Ibn Hajar’s Nuzhat al-Nazar.
• An introduction to the various books of Hadith (primary and secondary) including and beyond the famous six books.
• An introduction into the science of Takhrij of how to locate a Hadith and reference.
• Understanding the science of Jarh wa Ta’dil and introducing students to famous books in the field.
• An insight into contemporary Hadith studies and the various schools therein.
• And much more
Instructors: Ml Zeeshan Chaudri


Start Date: Week Beginning 9th September 2019


Duration: 1 year


Cost: £499.00


Times: Monday to Wednesday 11:30am to 12:30pm British Standard Time (7:30am to 8:30am US Eastern).

This course is available online with recordings available for people in different time zones who cannot attend live.


Venue: Whitethread Institute
329-333 High Street (2nd floor)
London E15 2TF
(former site of Interlink College)


*Every effort has been made to ensure that the information contained within this course is correct at the time of publication. Courses are subject to on-going development which could necessitate cancellation of, or alteration to, the advertised courses.

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