Science and Islam

Science and Islam


This course will explore the apparent conflict between Science and Islam. 


Richard Dawkins argues that Science and Religion are at continuous warfare and that there can never be any conciliation.


It is crucial for this relationship to be explored in order to gain a true understanding. 


This six-week course will aim to introduce you to some of the major themes in the study of philosophy of science and how these overlap with Islamic theology. 



Includes: Dr Safaruk Z. Chowdhury, Ustad Imran Iqbal and other teachers subject to confirmation. 


Topic Breakdown:

Philosophy of Science

Models of the relationship between Science and Religion

Case study (1) – Quantum Mechanics 

Case study (2) – Evolution and Islam

Case study (3) – Other overlapping areas


Duration: Six-week course with two hour lectures each week online on Saturdays from 6-8pm UK time. (recordings are available to all students)


Start Date: Saturday 15 June 2019   Time: 6pm-8pm UK Time

The course is available online only.


Course Fee: £180.00

Course Instructors:

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