Fundraiser 2019

We have identified three key areas to improve the experience for students to provide them with a superior level of learning interaction. The fundraising target is £40k, which would go towards the hardware and the software of setting up the enhanced system. The target is to have the facilities in place for the 2019-2020 academic year which starts in September 2019.

Online Courses

Choose from a variety of online courses to suit a flexible learning experience

Learning Experience

Whitethread Institute provides an all in one learning experience for students onsite and online

Onsite and Online

The learning experience that allows you to attend the institute onsite or take the lessons online with the option of either live or recorded lessons.


Students can engage with the teachers and the students in live lessons and the online learning tool to widen their learning experience.


A number of our courses now come with a certification of completion, which is awarded to to students completing the assessments and exams.

“… Before partaking in the course I was weary of studying philosophy since I have heard negative feedback on it…However, Alhamdulillah through the guidance of amazing and inspirational teachers I was able to appreciate works of philosophy and can now clearly see the foundation of ideas and how philosophical arguments regarding epistemology and even the metaphysics arose.”

Sumaiya Hossain

Faith Foundation Course

“…In a nutshell, the course for me has served the purpose it set out to fulfil and has been the perfect stepping stone into the world of Islamic academia. I hope to continue reaping from future courses at Whitethread Institute…”

Kamila Chowdhury

Advanced Islamic Jurisprudence Program

“…The instructors have clearly made a lot of effort in making the material relevant, teaching masaail from a contemporary point of view where needed. The Dalaail and Maqaasid course deserves special mention as I have never experienced anything like it before in my prior studies. We were taught to look at issues critically and investigate masaa'il by looking at multiple texts and view points. It was an intellectually thrilling experience, and resulted in a more nuanced appreciation of scholarship…”

Umm Abdillaah

Advanced Jurisprudence Program

“… Masha'allah i can only describe the teachers as Gems, full of knowledge and also ready to help. Taking this course has opened up to me just how much more there is to learn!...”

Zayd Mehtar

Advance Islamic Jurisprudence Program

"...A devoted teaching staff which makes it a wholesome learning experience...”



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